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Electrical bakery deck oven MICROTEC

Comfort & flexibility of electricity”

Technical specifications of MICROTEC ovens>

  • Independent decks
  • Independent regulation for top, bottom and steam generator
  • Silent and environmental friendly
  • Technical access from front side
  • Power optimized by Honeywell control device
  • Energy saver by modular system: MAP MODECO

Four électrique

Independent decks stone oven

Each deck is independently temperature controlled by its own Honeywell controller: one loop is controlling the crown temperature and one loop is controlling the stone temperature. The steam generator, one independent for each deck, is also independently temperature controlled. Therefore the oven is offering to the baker 5 decks for five different recipe if needed.

The flexibily of this system allows an important saving of energy.

Five decks to save room space
An integrated elevator loader totally removable in order to free the area in front of the oven
The loader has its own storing place at the top of the highest deck, protected from dust and steam
Rocking hardened glass are easily cleanable. No dismantling is required
Halogen lightening for a better vision
Each ovens is assembled and pass a full quality control before packing and delivery
Only sustainable components and identified as high quality standard are used: CUENOD, TELEMECANIQUE, LEGRAND, ABB, HONEYWELL...

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